Moi's friend Jamie anchors the beginning of this page because a) the event was her monthly shindig at Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach and b) Moi was indisposed and sent Tintin in moi's place and, truth be told, Tintin is hardly a headliner in the looks department and not really an attention grabber and c) well, two reasons are plenty. 

So it was off to LB's RL and, sad to say, the weather was uncooperative, showering frequently and heavily.  Still, a lively crowd was in attendance and Tintin was there to record the scene.

Let moi first reveal the winner of tonight's TWG sweepstakes - A TIE! between Felicia (left) and Teresa (right, with main squeeze)

On to the others

Brenda was unusual for the evening, being caught solitary, wheras the rest of the girls seemed to clump in groups

For example, (l-r) T, Angela and Tia were caught solo but soon coalesced

No doubt attracted by the sheer raw animal magnetism exuded by Tintin (moi's little joke)

Later, they re-coalesced with another friend, whom moi shall call umm

Other girls also coalesced for POSING

Speaking of POSING, there was a fair amount of that occurring also

Said POSING included both tonight's TAAG and tonight's THG

Meanwhile, on the stage, Patricia was bent on displaying what $3000 can do in enhancing one's bosom

And goodness knows how much for enhancing the derriere

As the evening drew to a close, Tintin was assiduous in seeking out suitable end shots and was caught on the horns of a dilemma, once again