Rain, rain - go away, come again when moi isn't going out to a new venue.  Moi braved the elements because Jamie was having another one of her monthly shindigs in a new (to moi) venue - viz., The Rhythm Lounge in downtown Long Beach.  This was not her first venture here, but moi had missed the previous ones due to the press of world affairs - do the BP Gulf oil spill and the situation in Afghanistan ring a bell?  So moi was determined to attend - Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays moi from the swift completion of moi's appointed rounds.  Moi encountered both the second and fourth of the above impediments but moi persevered - although moi cannot say for certain if the mail got through,  moi DID observe several MALES in attendance at Jamie's T-girl Saturday.

And here is the Mistress of Ceremonies her own self, the ineffable Jamie

Let moi now reveal to you the TWG's for the evening

Felicia (left) and two umms (above)

and a couple of THG's and, of course, Cindy, the perennial TAAG

And then to the photographers, goofing off (left) and being incredibly self-referential (above),  Moi means, a photographer photographing photographer?  Remember why you came!!

Does moi have to do all of the work moi's self?  <SIGH> then so be it.

Pictures moi took when the photographers were frolicking elsewhere

One of the dancers - clothed, performing and demonstrating to Felicia novel uses for Santa stickers

A triptych of friends - Angel, Brenda and KC, always a "star"

A cavalcade of Asian umms

And yet more Asian umms (save for Jamie, o'course)

Just to show there were no hard feelings, moi then POSED with one of the photographers